Monday, June 24, 2013

Tumblr anyone?

I've recently discovered Tumblr, and I got pretty excited. So excited, in fact, that I am planning on starting another blog there. But oh, you may sigh, yet another frustrated teen wanting to rage out on the world using the internet.

On any account, if you're interested in finding some more posts that are similar (and about nothing) with the ones that are here, please go and check out my Tumblr blog. Another post, a picture, some music that will definitely stick with my principles of ruining your time on the web.

I'm still experimenting with the layout and appearance of this blog. Hopefully I'll manage to work it out by the end of this week.

Since this account is severely lacking in content, I will post yet another (oh, man) link to my Hubpages account (it can also be viewed on my profile). Not wanting to brag or anything, but I have some pretty interesting articles about fast reading, feminism, and Marxism. So, if you feel like it, check them out.

That being said, I bid you farewell, the sole reader of this web log. Just as a side note, because I don't have any pictures for this post, I'm going to force you to listen a very (very!) good song. It's just a bit higher and to the right.

Till the next post!